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THE SWEDISH SURGEON Martin Roeykens meets the anthropologist Nadine Zaoui when he is working for Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in the north of Kenya. He has recently left his work and family in Stockholm and immediately gets attracted to Nadine. The French/Algerian Nadine is conducting her studies in the Turkana Region. On one of her research trips to the Lake Turkana she gets kidnapped. Nadine’s sudden disappearance have a big impact on Martin who gets obsessed with finding her. As he gets more and more involved with a woman he hardly knows and ends up risking his life for well hidden secrets.

First freestanding title in the series of the Swedish surgeon Martin Roeykens.


Over 26 000 copies sold of Turkanarapporten (The Turkana Files), by the author himself.


“If you like reading books with quick turns, a lot of action and well-written characters Turkanarapporten (The Turkana Files) is a book for you!”



IF HE WOULDN’T have taken that walk, he would have been dead, as many of the others in the house that night. The happiness of surviving is replaced by guilt when Martin realizes his own role in the tragedy. One of Martin’s patients tells him a story from the past, including Martins grandfather and his time in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But before he has finished the story he dies under strange circumstances. Eager to find out about his family’s dark past Martin travels to Belgium. Which role did Martin’s grandfather play back in Congo 1964 and will Martin be able to find out before it is too late?

Second freestanding title in the series of the Swedish surgeon Martin Roeykens.


“Kongospår (Echoes of the Congo) is a story where no one sleeps and it’s full of interesting surprises, it’s fascinating and hard to stop reading.”

-Tidningen Kulturen

Saharasyndromet högupplöst


FIVE VOLUNTEERS FOR Doctors Without Borders (MSF) are kidnapped by a unknown terrorist group at an ebola center in Sierra Leone. During an attack by the Algerian military the terrorist leader gets fatally injured. At the same time surgeon Martin Roeykens sickens rapidly with high fever when he is travelling on the road. His young colleague, Mette Gobanski, is desperately trying to keep Martin alive when she faces an ultimatum from the terrorists: Save their leader or get killed. Mette realizes that her nightmare has just begun and when they are taken to a school in Algeria she witnesses that they are using children as human shields. In Stockholm Martin’s daughter Bella is trying to convince the Swedish Security Police (SÄPO) to let her on a plane to Algeria.

Third freestanding title in the series of the Swedish surgeon Martin Roeykens.